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Start Stopping On A Dime

By far, the most important safety feature of any roadworthy vehicle is the brake system. Not being able to stop effectively can make you a danger to you and others on and off the streets. Some drivers in Fredricksburg think that just being able to slow their car down to an eventual halt is good enough, regardless of any noise, sponginess, or smell. We at Potomac Creek Automotive know that’s not going to cut it. Here are three signs that you’re going to need professional brake repair.

1. Grinding, squealing, and screeching:

If your vehicle sounds like the audio track of a horror film, you’re probably going to need new brakes. Many brake pads are fitted with a piece that emits a loud squealing noise when it’s getting close to replacement time. When the wheels start grinding away during stops, you need to bring your car or truck in. This means the ceramic plate that presses against the rotor is gone, leaving you with metal-on-metal damage.

2. Spongy braking:

Bring your car to a mechanic immediately if you hit the pedal, and it sinks right to the floor before you get any real response. When the ability to stop quickly is compromised, it can lead to deadly consequences. Spongy brakes are often an indication of low fluid, and there could potentially be a leak or even a broken line that needs replacing right away.

3. Vibrations or pulling:

Your car shouldn’t shake when you step on the brakes, nor should it pull to one side as you slow down. Feeling like you’re continually fighting with your vehicle every time you get to a red light is bad news. The fix could be as simple as a top off of fluids, either you may need new pads and rotors to get everything working right.

The experts at Potomac Creek Automotive know that many drivers put off oil changes or tune-ups, but letting brake issues go undiagnosed and unrepaired is a foolhardy prospect. If you have any problems, bring your vehicle to experts and schedule a brake repair appointment as soon as possible. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and there’s nothing scarier than a car with bad brakes.